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Source: ubic
Maintainer: Vyacheslav Matjukhin (No comments) <>
Section: perl
Priority: optional
Standards-Version: 3.8.0
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), perl,
libclass-accessor-perl, libhttp-server-simple-perl, liblist-moreutils-perl, libparams-validate-perl,
libtry-tiny-perl, libjson-perl, libparent-perl, libconfig-tiny-perl, libbsd-resource-perl, libtest-which-perl,
libtest-fatal-perl, libtest-pod-coverage-perl, libtest-pod-perl, libtest-simple-perl, libtest-class-perl, libtest-tcp-perl
Package: ubic
Architecture: all
Depends: ${perl:Depends},
libclass-accessor-perl, liblist-moreutils-perl, libparams-validate-perl,
libhttp-server-simple-perl, libhttp-server-simple-perl (>= 0.42) | liburi-perl,
libtry-tiny-perl, libjson-perl, libparent-perl, libconfig-tiny-perl, libtest-which-perl
Recommends: libbsd-resource-perl (>= 1.2900)
Provides: yandex-ubic
Replaces: yandex-ubic (<< 1.00)
Conflicts: yandex-ubic (<< 1.00)
Description: polymorphic service manager
Each ubic service is represented by perl object, so code reuse is trivial.
Watchdog, neat color output and SysV-style LSB conformant init scripts support
is included.
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