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Many people want to set ulimits for their services.
We need to provide some way to set them either in SimpleDaemon or with some wrapper/role for SimpleDaemon

Example of a possible wrapper syntax:

    Ubic::Service::SimpleDaemon->new({ bin => "sleep 1000" }),
        nofile => 4096,
        cpu => 3600,

Ulimits themselves can be set with BSD::Resource.


I suppose, it's highest priority in Ubic.


Lowering ulimits is easy, but increasing ulimits in generic case of non-root user is hard.
The latter problem requires the proper daemon_user impelementation (#27), which I didn't figure out how to do properly yet.

So, this is high priority, but it's either "support some cases quickly" or "support all cases later".


Ok, I finally did it.
See the docs in https://metacpan.org/module/MMCLERIC/Ubic-1.43_01/lib/Ubic/Service/SimpleDaemon.pm (ulimit option).
BSD::Resource is required to use this feature, but Ubic doesn't depend on it itself — it just throws an exception if you try to use ulimit but BSD::Resource is not installed.

BTW, since ulimit must be a hashref and it'll be impossible to express with .ini configs, I also added json configs support.

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