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Play Perl

This project started as a hackathon at Yandex.

The early product vision, which explains the reasoning behind this project, can be found on the separate page.

tl;dr: this is a gamified todo-list / social network for perl developers.


play-perl.org is not publically available yet, but you can participate already! All code is open, easy to obtain and setup, and hacking it is fun.

Join #play-perl at irc.perl.org or contact me (berekuk, me@berekuk.ru) by any other means if you're interested.


See the Release Plan for the list of features that need to be completed before launch.

I'm also trying to keep the list of issues as present as possible. Check it out, it's pretty extensive.

BTW, the wording of issues, especially those tagged as "stories", can be confusing at first. They're stating "how the code works" in the imagined future state.

This is a shortened form of the traditional User Story wording. For example, I write "User can tag the quest" instead of more verbose "As a user, I want to be able to tag the quest". I hope this is not too confusing (and I can change my mind about it if this is confusing).