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Release Plan

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Initial release happened on February 9, 2013.

I'm going to plan new features development directly at play-perl, for the sake of dogfooding.

Note that play-perl doesn't allow you to assign a quest to someone else. At least not yet. So if you've got a feature request, please report it here on github and not on play-perl. Unless you want to implement it yourself, of course.

Just trying to figure out:

  • which features I should implement first
  • minimal set for the first public release

Initial release

  • comments
  • likes
  • quest types infrastructure
  • actual quest types
  • markdown
  • score based on likes
  • user-friendly texts (somewhat)
  • global news feed
  • minimal design/usability improvements

Can be added later

  • quest complexity estimate
  • CPAN/github integration (special fields in quest description)
  • achievements
  • Github and BitCard authentication (not PAUSE)
  • personal news feed
  • pair/group quests
  • public quests
  • tags
  • full-text search
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