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C++ library for working with different color spaces, converting between color spaces and comparing colors
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C++ library for converting between color spaces and comparing colors.

Color Conversion

You can convert between any supported color spaces using the To template method:

ColorSpace::Lab lab(100, 0, 0);
ColorSpace::Cmy cmy;

Color Comparison

You can compare colors by using the Compare method of each comparison class:

ColorSpace::Lab a(100, 0, 0);
ColorSpace::Rgb b(255, 255, 255);
ColorSpace::Cie2000Comparison::Compare(&a, &b);

Currently Supported Color Spaces

  • CMY
  • CMYK
  • HSL
  • HSB
  • HSV
  • CIE L*AB
  • Hunter LAB
  • LCH
  • LUV
  • RGB
  • XYZ
  • YXY

Currently Supported Comparisons

  • Euclidean
  • CIE1976
  • CIE94
  • CIE2000
  • CMC


ColorSpace is licenced under the MIT License, see LICENSE for more information.

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