Interactive registration tool for 3D medical datasets
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Interactive registration tool for 3D medical datasets.

Screenshot of the Registrationshop user interface


Written for the most part in Python. Uses PySide for the interface and uses VTK for the visualizations. Uses vtkMultiVolRen for rendering multiple datasets in one vtkRenderer. My fork can be found at Because of issues with building that fork on Windows I've incorporated the code into a fork of VTK which can be found at Besides multi-volume render capabilities there are also some other nice features planned to be added to VTK and Registrationshop real soon... But more on that later!

For deformable registration elastix is used. The rigid transformation that you can create with the rigid registration tools will serve as initial transformation for elastix. The parameters for elastix can be edited inside Registrationshop so you don't have fall back to editing raw parameter files!


On macOS, it is now possible to install with conda.

conda env create
conda activate registrationshop

Note the 'w' after python: that is not a typo. Running with python will give the following error message:

Qt internal error: qt_menu.nib could not be loaded.

Instructions on how to build Registrationshop are available here! Let me know if you run into any troubles. For some platforms, builds are not available yet.

Supported platforms

  • OS X (Mountain Lion+)
  • Linux (requires AMD/NVIDIA proprietary drivers)
  • Windows