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"fully qualified" hipchat replies look like this: @"Fooby Barbot"
This means replies/mentions will go to the right person if you've got more than one user with the same first name.



This is a version of GitHub's Campfire bot, hubot. He's pretty cool.

You'll probably never have to hack on this repo directly. Instead this repo provides a library that's distributed by npm that you simply require in your project.

Please note that the repo is in an unstable state as it is going through some changes to move the adapters out of the core and into their own packages. The latest stable release is v1.1.11.

Getting Your Own

Make sure you have node.js and npm installed.

Download the latest version of hubot.

Then follow the instructions in the README in the hubot directory.


Hubot ships with a couple of default scripts, but there's a growing number of extras in the hubot-scripts repository. hubot-scripts is a way to share scripts with the entire community. Check out the README for more help on installing individual scripts.

Local Testing

Install all of the required dependencies by running npm install.

It's easy to test scripts locally with an interactive shell:

% export PATH="node_modules/.bin:$PATH"
% bin/hubot

...and to run tests:

% make test