Django Template syntax mode for the Panic Coda 1.x and SubEthaEdit text editors
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Django Template Mode for Panic Coda and SubEthaEdit

This mode provides syntax coloring for the Django Template language in the Panic Coda and SubEthaEdit text editors. This version of the Django Template Mode is not compatible with Panic Coda 2. For a version compatible with Panic Coda 2 see

Installation in Panic Coda

Download and unpack either the ZIP or TAR version of the Django-Template mode. Manually copy the Django-Template.mode file into ~/Library/Application\ Support/Coda/Modes/ (you can navigate to this directory by opening a Finder window, navigating to your user account's Home folder and then preceding into Library > Application Support > Coda > Modes).

The .seestyle for Syntax Highlighting can be installed by Opening Coda and choosing Preferences from the Coda menu. Then click on the Import button in the bottom right corner to import the Django-Template.seestyle.

Installation in SubEthaEdit

Download and unpack either the ZIP or TAR version of the Django-Template mode. Open SubEthaEdit and Open the Django-Template.mode file using the File > Open command or by dragging the Django-Template.mode file onto the SubEthaEdit application icon in the dock.

In SubEthaEdit you can disregard the Django-Template.seestyle file. The .seestyle file is only relevant to Coda users.

Miscellaneous Files

In the package is a file called test.html. This file contains sample Django Template Language code and XHTML markup. It can be loaded to try out the syntax mode.