A light-on dark .seestyle theme for the Panic Coda 1.x text editor.
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Specials Board: A Light-On-Dark .seestyle Theme for Panic Coda


Panic Coda 1.6.11 - 1.7.x. For Panic Coda Versions less than 1.6.11 use Specials Board v2.1. This version is incompatible with Panic Coda 2.0 and higher which include it by default.


The Specials Board package contains two directories of files at its outermost level. The coda-default directory contains a copy of all the default (dark on light) .seestyle files -- this is what comes with Coda by default and is also available from Panic. It is provided here as a backup in case you don't like Specials Board or just get tired of it.

The specials-board directory contains the custom, light on dark .seestyle files. Within the specials-board directory are two more directories.

The native-syntax-modes directory contains replacement .seestyle files for all the native languages that Coda supports. These can be installed without any extra work using the instructions below. Supported languages are:

  • ActionScript
  • CFML
  • CSS
  • ERB
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • LassoScript
  • Objective-J
  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • Smarty
  • XML

The custom-syntax-modes directory contains .seestyle files for additional modes. See directions below for information on finding and installing the custom syntax modes. Custom modes must be installed before their corresponding .seestyle file can be imported.

Installation of the .seestyle Files for Native Syntax Modes:

Coda let's you import color sets from an XML file with the extension .seestyle on a per-language basis. To install this seestyle theme you'll need to:

  1. Download the package from GitHub.
  2. Unzip or unpack the package if it isn't already.
  3. Open Coda and pull the Coda menu down to Preferences then navigate to the Colors tab.
  4. Click the Import... button and choose the files, one at a time, to import from the native-syntax-modes directory within the specials-board directory in the downloaded package. You'll have to import the .seestyle file for each syntax mode individually.
  5. The foreground, background and invisible character color must be manually changed. (Actually, the background may be automatically set when you import the .seestyle files but you'll definitely want to change the other two values.)

Background, Foreground and Invisible Character Color Values

  • Background Color - #2b2b2b, in RGB this is 43R, 43G, 43B
  • Foreground Color - #e6e1dc, in RGB this is 230R, 225G, 220B
  • Invisible Character Color - #333333, in RGB this is 51R, 51G, 51B

Custom (Syntax) Mode Installation

Coda is compatible with SubEthaEdit modes. If you can't find one for the language you're working in, information on writing your own mode can be found in the 'How To' section of Coda's Developer web site. As noted above, the modes must be installed before the corresponding .seestyle files can be imported.

Specials Board contains syntax highlighting for the following mode/version combinations:

Getting the Bash and Lua Modes

The Bash mode and Lua mode can be extracted from the SubEthaEdit 2.2 application package. For a path to SubEthaEdit 2.2 (the current release at the time of this writing is 3.5.4) see this thread on the Coda Users Google Group. For instructions on extracting the modes from the application package see Rogier Spieker's instructions in the Coda Users Google Group under the thread Syntax highlighting for shell scripts?

Custom Mode Installation

Custom modes get placed in your ~/Library/Application\ Support/Coda/Modes/ directory.

Please note that these custom modes can be changed which may render the .seestyles differently than anticipated. It's best to check and make sure that the CFBundleVersion matches the one listed next to the language above. The CFBundleVersion is specified as an XML node within the info.plist file which can be viewed by expanding the .mode package. If this doesn't make any sense, don't worry about it. You'll probably be fine.

Installation of the .seestyle Files for Custom Syntax Modes

Once the custom syntax modes that you want to use are installed you can install the .seestyle Syntax Highlighting files for those modes. Follow the directions above but instead of looking in the native-syntax-modes directory you'll want to import from the custom-syntax-modes directory. If you think for any reason that you'll want to revert to the original syntax styling export it and put it in a safe place before you import the Specials Board .seestyle as you will not be able to revert to the original otherwise.


If you find any issues with the theme, I invite you to report them in the github Issues tracker for the project.

You may also email me jbergantine@gmail.com.


Whoops, turns out you hate it. That's alright. Follow the steps above, just import from the coda-defualt directory of the Specials-Board package instead of the specials-board directory.