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Scripts for the initializaiton and configuration of MR-SLAM on the robot agents of the csl lab
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Repository consists of the following ROS catkin packages:

  • csl_hw_setup:

    Contains shell scripts, launchfiles as well as miscellaneous configuration files for setting up and launching single-and multi robot graphSLAM. Overall package is designed based on the hardware available in the Control Systems Lab of the Mechanical Engineering Department of NTUA.

  • csl_robots_gazebo:

    Contains shell scripts, launchfiles for setting up a graphSLAM simulation in the gazebo environment.

  • csl_robot_descriptions:

    Helper package containing robot description that have to be available for simulating graphSLAM in Gazebo. These include xacro, sdf files for the used robots (e.g. Pioneer), the onboard cameras and the laser rangefinders.

  • csl_common:

    Holds configuration common to both the simulation as well as the real-time experiments

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