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Berger Healer

Healing the bergerkiller plugins

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  1. TrainCarts TrainCarts Public

    Minecarts redefined

    Java 181 59

  2. BKCommonLib BKCommonLib Public

    An extensive library used in bergerhealer's plugins

    Java 168 44

  3. Light-Cleaner Light-Cleaner Public

    Regenerates light levels in chunks or entire worlds to clean up dark spots. Continuation of NoLagg Lighting.

    Java 39 6

  4. MyWorlds MyWorlds Public

    Cross-world teleportations and world managing commands

    Java 35 5

  5. Maplands Maplands Public

    Minecraft worlds in the map dimension

    Java 11 2

  6. Mountiplex Mountiplex Public

    General Purpose Java Reflection Library

    Java 8 3


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