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Open Hardware logging infrastructure (Raspberry Pi, Cosm, & MCP3008)
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adc board

Documentation for Raspberry Pi/MCP3008/Cosm datalogging project


  1. Install Adafruit Occidentalis 0.2 on Raspberry Pi

  2. Plug RasPi into router, log into router to find IP address, ssh into RasPi

  3. Install python SPI library. We learned to do this from this blog post

    git clone git://
    cd py-spidev
    sudo python install
  4. Download and install python packages for the Cosm API

    git clone git://
  5. Download this script.

    git clone git://
  6. Sign up for Cosm account, create a new feed, fill out config file:

    Fill in the blanks in config.json

Hardware Setup

We're using the MCP3008 chip to convert analog measurements to digital. The pins down one side of the chip are analog inputs; the other side connect to the computer. The aforementioned blog post has good pictures of which pins go to which Raspberry Pi connections. The Pi T-Cobbler breakout board from Adafruit is a great help in connecting the Raspberry Pi to a breadboard. Adafruit also sells the MCP3008.


  • Allow measurement frequency to be specified in config file
  • Specify channels to log in config file
  • Add examples with specific sensors (thermistor, photoresistor)
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