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embed haskell diagrams in emacs org-mode files
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I am not maintaining this project. If you would like to adopt it, please drop me a line, and I'll hand it over.


  • Put ob-diagrams.el somewhere on your load-path
  • Add (require 'ob-diagrams) to your .emacs.el
  • At the command-line, run cabal install diagrams-builder -fcairo


Enter the following into an org-mode file:

#+BEGIN_SRC diagrams :file circle.svg :width 400
dia = circle 1 # fc cyan

Inline Viewing

With point inside the source block, type C-c C-v e (or M-x org-babel-execute-maybe). The result should look like this:


Except that org-mode will remove the square brackets and linkify the file link. Put point over the link and type C-c C-o (or M-x org-open-at-point). to see the image. Or use M-x org-display-inline-images to see the result inline, in place of the link.

Header Arguments

For each source block, a filename must be specified. diagrams-builder-cairo takes the file format from the file extension. diagrams-builder-cairo will render whatever is specified as dia in each block. org-babel-diagrams defaults to width 300 if it is not specified at the start of the source block.

LaTeX Export

For export to LaTeX, set all filename extensions to .ps (for oldschool latex -> dvips route) or .pdf (for pdflatex).


If you do not have diagrams-builder-cairo installed on your path, customize org-diagrams-executable.


Holler if you use this code, and want particular features. Of course, patches and pull requests are always welcome.

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