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Symfony2 tutorial for Midgard developers

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Symfony2 tutorial for Midgard developers

This is a simple Symfony2 tutorial intended for developers familiar with the Midgard framework.

It contains the following:

  • Symfony2 as a central PHP ecosystem
  • Basic ideas behind Symfony2
  • Introduction to PHP namespaces
  • Installation with Symfony Standard Edition
  • Running Symfony2 with AppServer-in-PHP
  • Creating a new Bundle
  • Templating in Symfony2
  • Routing in Symfony2
  • Using the Midgard content repository with Symfony2
  • Running MidCOM components inside Symfony2

Displaying the tutorial

The tutorial has been written for the Pinpoint presentation tool. The actual slide contents are located in the text file.

To display the slides, run:

$ pinpoint

To convert the slides to PDF, run:

$ pinpoint -o tutorial.pdf


This tutorial was originally made for Nemein's internal purposes, but may be amended to be useful to other Midgardians getting started with Symfony2.

All pictures in the presentation are either screenshots, or Creative Commons -licensed photos from Flickr. Links to the original photos can be found from the last slide.

Some ideas for this tutorial come from Ryan Weaver's Hands-on with the Symfony2 Framework talk.

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