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+VIE ChangeLog
+## 2.1.1 (git master)
+* `VIE.Entity` was refactored to use regular Backbone Model semantics, allowing it to be [extended as needed](
+* Default [Apache Stanbol]( configuration was swithed to use the IKS-hosted [demo server](
+## 2.1.0 (December 5th 2012)
+See the [release announcement](
@@ -18,6 +18,10 @@ Adding VIE to your system is as easy as:
2. Include `vie.js` into the pages
3. Implement [Backbone.sync](
+## Changes
+Please refer to the [ document](
## Common representation of content on HTML level
A web editing tool has to understand the contents of the page. It has to understand what parts of the page should be editable, and how they connect together. If there is a list of news for instance, the tool needs to understand it enough to enable users to add new news items. The easy way of accomplishing this is to add some semantic annotations to the HTML pages. These annotations could be handled via Microformats, HTML5 microdata, but the most power lies with RDFa.

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