Entities after the rel-attribute doesnt show up if there is additional elements #102

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amiika commented May 15, 2012

Entities doesnt show up in the vie-model if there is additional elements after the rel-attribute. For example here project-entities are missing and foaf:pastProject refers to a empty list.

<div class="test" typeof="foaf:Person" about="http://aboutme.com/about#me">
<div class="photobox" rel="foaf:img">
<img class="photo" typeof="foaf:Image" src="me.jpg"/>
<div rel="foaf:pastProject">
<h1>Past projects</h1>
<li typeof="foaf:Project" about="http://aboutme.com/me#Project1&quot;&gt;Project 1</li>
<li typeof="foaf:Project" about="http://aboutme.com/me#Project2&quot;&gt;Project 2</li>
<li typeof="foaf:Project" about="http://aboutme.com/me#Project3&quot;&gt;Project 3</li>

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