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Documentation improvments needed #70

ruKurz opened this Issue · 2 comments

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The entities are the central data type in VIE. To cover the VIE functionality with a GWT wrapper implementation it is essential, to have a good understanding of the VIE internals. To represent VIE in Java world we have to define type safe interfaces. Currently it is a hard task to figure out the possible types of function arguments and return values. Even it is not typical in JS it would be great to have some documentation standard used to discribe function signatures.


Most of the Entity and Collection API follows the Backbone Model and Collection API. There are some additional methods, and for example entity get/set/has allow you to use either CURIEs or fully-expanded predicate URIs.


Hi ruKurz,

we are currently working on proper documentation of VIE. You have access to the documentation here:

Here is the current status of the documentation:

well documented:

  • VIE.js
  • Namespace.js
  • Attribute.js
  • Type.js
  • Util.js
  • Able.js
  • DBPediaService.js
  • StanbolService.js

not or only sparsely documented:

  • Entity.js
  • EntityView.js
  • RdfaService.js
  • Classic.js
  • Collection.js
  • Collectionview.js
  • RdfaRdfQueryService.js

The agreement was that I took resposibility for the first part and Henri and Szaby are working on the remaining files.

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