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Palsu is an interactive meeting tool that is used to demonstrate capabilities of VIE. The idea is to create a tool for coordinating both online and real-world meetings. This means being able to manage:

  • Meeting scheduling
  • Agenda for meetings
  • Collaboratively written meeting notes
  • Action points (tasks) that arise in the meeting
  • Participants of the meeting, and action points assigned to them

Palsu comes from the Finnish word for a "meeting".

Read more from the Palsu planning page.

Public version

IKS is hosting a public Palsu instance on


You need Node.js, NPM, and a Redis instance. Then just:

$ npm install

Copy the configuration/localhost_8001.json.dist to configuration/localhost_8001.json and edit it accordingly. You'll need a LinkedIn API key.

To start Palsu, run:

$ ./node_modules/nodext/bin/nodext configuration/localhost_8001.json

Deploying on Heroku

Create an app:

$ heroku apps:create -s cedar palsu

Enable Redis:

$ heroku addons:add redistogo:nano

Set your LinkedIn API and secret keys:

$ heroku config:add LINKEDINAPIKEY=foo
$ heroku config:add LINKEDINSECRETKEY=bar


$ git push heroku master

Watch logs:

$ heroku logs

You can try a public demo instance on

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