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Create.js ChangeLog

1.0.0beta1 (January 22nd 2015)

  • The basic editWidget now ignores all formatting
  • CKEditor 4 is now configurable using Create's editorOptions
  • Initial support for the Medium Editor
  • Support for Font Awesome 4.x
  • Dependencies are now installed via Bower

1.0.0alpha4 (September 10th 2013)

Entity editing:

  • Terminology: midgardEditable is now known as an editable entity widget, and the editors it runs for various properties are known as property editor widgets
  • Entity editing widget now accepts two callbacks for instantiating decorators for entities and their properties in the DOM. This is handy for CMSs that want to visualize what can be edited
    • decorateEditableEntity callback is called for the entity loaded to the editable widget
    • decoratePropertyEditor callback is called for each property of the entity
  • Entity editables are now able to run without VIE Collection view being defined
  • Events emitted by the editing widgets now carry the new terminology. The old event data keys are still available as fallbacks:
    • entity: VIE entity instance (Backbone.js model)
    • editableEntity: midgardEditable widget instance
    • entityElement: DOM element containing the entity
  • Events emitted by the property editing widgets now carry the new terminology. The old event data keys are still available as fallbacks:
    • predicate: name of the property being edited
    • propertyEditor: editor instance
    • propertyElement: DOM element containing the property
  • The state model for entity editing was clarified, with the following different states instead of enabled, disabled, and active:
    • Inactive: editable is loaded but disabled
    • Candidate: editable is enabled but not activated
    • Highlight: user is hovering over the editable (not set by Editable widget directly)
    • Activating: an editor widget is being activated for user to edit with it (skipped for editors that activate instantly)
    • Active: user is actually editing something inside the editable
    • Changed: user has made changes to the editable
    • Invalid: the contents of the editable have validation errors
  • The modified event was renamed to changed to follow the new states
  • New public methods setState and getState were added for manipulating the state from the application controller
    • States are passed as strings corresponding to the new editing states (for example, inactive or changed)
    • The setState method has an optional predicate parameter for targeting a particular property editor with the state change
  • New Rich Text Editors

Metadata editing:

  • New midgardMetadata widget was added to act as the controller for all different metadata editors

  • midgardTags was refactored to run inside the metadata editing widget

    This changes tags initialization from:

      tags: true


      metadata: {
        midgardTags: {}


  • The revertChanges method was made public, allowing external UIs to trigger reverting entities to their original states
  • The hasLocal and readLocal methods were made public to allow manipulating localStorage from the application controller
  • The saveRemote method was made public, allowing the application controller to trigger saving for a single entity
  • new save and saved events are triggered for the whole set of entities being saved
  • new saveentity and savedentity events are triggered for each entity being saved
  • Options used when calling saveRemote are now passed on in the save-related events
  • key prefix used with localStorage is now configurable

Create.js internals:

  • The whole library has been migrated to use jQuery on and off methods instead of bind and unbind
  • All widgets were migrated to the Midgard namespace to maintain consistency
  • Switched to Grunt for builds
  • Switched to Bower for dependency handling
  • Moved built version to dist/create.js
  • New build option for creating a smaller edit-only version of Create.js: $ grunt editonly
  • The build process was improved to work also on Mac OS X


  • VIE was updated to 2.1.0
  • Hallo was updated to the latest git version
  • jQuery-Tags-Input -- used by the midgardTags widget -- was updated to latest git version
  • jQuery was updated to version 1.9.1 and jQuery UI to version 1.10.2. Some compatibiity work still remains


  • The build environment of Create.js was switched to Grunt


  • Hebrew and Romanian translations were added

Thanks to the Drupal Edit team for major contributions to this release!

1.0.0alpha3 (September 27th 2012)

Collection editing:

  • Add buttons are now shown only for collections VIE is able to add views for
  • New midgardCollectionAddBetween widget for more flexible collection editing
  • Collection widgets are now able to ask the user for the type to add in case of collections that can multiple types inside them
  • Collection widgets are aware of possible size constraints in VIE collections. If a collection is full, the Add buttons are not shown

User interface:

  • Support for keyboard shortcuts if the Mousetrap library is available:
    • Ctrl-e: enter editing mode
    • Esc: leave editing mode
    • Ctrl-s: save changes
    • Ctrl-Shift-i: ignore local modifications (when entering edit mode)
    • Ctrl-Shift-r: revert to local modifications (when entering edit mode)


  • Support for localizing the Create.js user interface. You can pass custom localization callbacks using the localize option of the widgets
  • First batch of languages:
    • Swedish
    • Bulgarian
    • Spanish
    • Czech
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • Dutch
    • Danish
    • Italian
    • Norwegian
    • German
    • French
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Finnish


  • Autosaving now saves changes using Backbone's silent option so that it doesn't modify the DOM elements user is editing
  • The checkRestore method was made public to allow external web applications to restore content
  • The saveRemoteAll method was made public

Create.js internals:

  • The VIE DOM service used with Create.js is now configurable. You can replace the default RDFa Service with your own implementation to support custom mark-up
    • The custom DOM service can be passed via the domService key of Create.js widget options
  • All Create.js code is now being run in JavaScript strict mode
  • Continuous Integration of Create.js was switched to using PhantomJS with QUnit
  • Create's HTML output was changed to use Underscore Templates for better configurability


  • VIE was updated to latest git version
  • Hallo was updated to the latest git version
    • Hallo now depends on the Rangy library
  • The Modernizr dependency was removed

Thanks to the TYPO3 Neos team for great collaboration on this release! We're also grateful for the translation contributions from all around the world.