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@@ -36,7 +36,8 @@ Create, from the [Midgard Project](, is a compre
In nutshell, you have to do the following:
* Annotate your content with RDFa
-* Include the Create JavaScript file(s)
+* Include the Create dependencies (jQuery, jQuery UI, Underscore, Backbone, VIE, the editor of your choice)
+* Include the Create JavaScript file (see `examples/create.js` and `examples/create-min.js`)
* Implement [Backbone.sync]( for your back-end
[Blogsiple]( is a [Node.js]( based CMS integration testbed for Create. It may provide useful examples on how the connection between Create and a REST-capable web tool works.
@@ -138,6 +139,16 @@ Create is an event-based user interface. Normally integrators shouldn't need to
You can use normal [jQuery event methods]( to deal with these events.
+## Building Create
+Use the supplied `Cakefile` to generate the merged JavaScript file for Create:
+ $ cake build
+You can also generate a minified version (requires uglifyjs):
+ $ cake min
## Read more
* [Introducing the Midgard Create user interface](

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