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Metadata editor #59

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We need an editor popover for the properties of an entity that don't have an editable RDFa representation.

Use case:

I have a "category" field for blog posts, but it's value is not displaed in an HTML tag, but instead is just used in the style code to set a CSS class f.x. on the document body. If create.js is the only edit interface available on the server, it has to provide a method for displaying (arbitrary) edit widgets for nonvisible content.


The metadata editor will be based on VIE type information. See for an example.


The current plan is the following:

  • We will have a midgardMetadata widget in Create
  • The widget will listen to editable activation (like Workflows does), and provide a Metadata button in toolbar
  • It will also listen to enabled editables to figure out what properties of an object are already editable via RDFa
  • When you click the button, it will provide a Backbone Forms editor in a popover
  • The form schema is generated from VIE's type information with RDFa-editable fields filtered out

This also has to do with validation in #52 in that if there are required fields in the metadata editor, it might be nice to open the metadata editor when showing a validation error on those.


We have the new metadata widget system in place, and @woodworker has built a geolocation editor for it:

Geolocation editor in Create.js

@dbu dbu referenced this issue in symfony-cmf/CreateBundle

Handle translations #39

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