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Allow specifying an editor config for multiple RDF property names at once #62

flack opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Scenario: There are multiple editable properties on an HTML page. About half of them are supposed to accept only plaintext (like a person's or company's name or a blog entry's title) and the other half can also accept HTML-formatted input and images (like the text of a blog post, or the biography of a person).

In the current createjs configuration format, I will have to provide an editor configuration foreach RDF property name, so f.x. one for dcterms:title, one for foaf:name and so on, which leads to much redundancy. It would be much nicer if there was a way to specify one configuration called "Plaintext" and another one called "Richtext" and assign them to the properties of your choosing.


The current idea would be to have a setter API for the editor configurations. Something like:


// Set a editor configuration set called 'foo'
jQuery('body').midgardCreate('configureEditor', 'foo', 'hallo', { ...editor options });

// Set the 'foo' editor to be used by all text properties
jQuery('body').midgardCreate('setEditorForContentType', 'text', 'foo');

// Set the 'foo' editor to be used for all 'dc:title' properties
jQuery('body').midgardCreate('setEditorForProperty', 'dc:title', 'foo');

3..2..1.. implement! ;)

@bergie bergie closed this in 0e1c03c
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