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Hallo Editor ChangeLog

1.1.1 (January 21st 2015)

  • Switch everything to use dependencies installed via Bower instead of in-repository

1.1.0 (January 21st 2015)

  • Compatibility with Font Awesome 4.x

1.0.4 (September 10th 2013)

  • Plugin instance fetching is now more robust and gives better errors on plugins not compatible with jQuery 1.10

1.0.3 (September 10th 2013)

  • Ported the build environment to Grunt
  • Updated Bower packaging, and moved built Hallo version to dist

1.0.2 (February 18th 2013)

Improved compatibility with jQuery 1.9 by removing the deprecated jQuery.browser calls.

1.0.1 (February 18th 2013)

User interface:

  • Fixed Hallo toolbars now stay on the top of the screen when scrolling longer content elements 135
  • Contextual toolbar positioning is now more accurate 120 & 121
  • Link plugin now prepends a http:// to links if no protocol is defined 101
  • New Hallo logo from the contest:

Hallo Editor


  • New blacklist plugin for removing unwanted DOM elements
  • Headings plugin uses the button class 126
  • Drag-and-drop behavior with the image widget was improved 115


  • Whitespace no longer prevents Hallo placeholder content from showing up 140
  • jQuery UI 1.10 compatibility 138
  • Several Internet Explorer fixes were included
  • Switched to jQuery 1.7+ on/off instead of bind/unbind
  • Switched selection handling to use the Rangy library