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Tale of Gustavo



This python script takes in a text file as parameter and for each word in that file, it fetches the google auto suggestion for that word and saves it to a text file with the date added to the name as well as printing it out in the terminal. I use it to create meta-poetry from old poetry, feel free to use this for whatever purposes.


python google-suggestions textfile

Other information

  • This script tries to get unique suggestions for repeated words. The Google suggestion API returns 4 suggestions for each word (if it can), so when a word appears more often than that, the script adds a space after the word to get more suggestions
  • The google suggestion api uses the IP-address from your computer, so if you wanna see auto suggestions from another country you need to vpn from a location in that country.

Poem Example

Original text:

Sample output:

i took a pill in ibiza
wrote synonym
a próf
check mark
and other stories
i love you
bought meaning
an inspector calls
old navy
house of cards
i am wrath
got season 6
a beautiful mind
tv shows
and gate
a hologram for the king
worn out meaning
couch to 5k
hired meaning

My poem, Tale of Gustavo, inspired from the output from this script: