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A simplistic parser for MetaModelica written in Haskell with the purpose of retrieving the necessary information for generating documentation.

It only parses a subset of MetaModelica, and hence a subset of Modelica and does not handle non-functional parts. The result is a simplified AST.

Do not try to use this parser to check the validity of your program. It is meant to run only on source files that omc accepts.

Notable omissions

  • matchcontinue statements, they are not tail recursive

  • Loops, use recursion

  • Type variables in uniontypes and records of the form uniontype U<A> or record R<A>. Using these with concrete types are problematic. Use replaceable types instead.

  • model and class, use functions only

  • equation, use guard or if statements/expressions

  • Statements and expressions are parsed, but only the bare minimum to proceed with the rest of the parsing so their representation may not be very useful.



  • match guards

  • public keyword

  • Warn unless a function is declared public or private

  • Warn if a package isn't encapsulated

  • Warn on unprotected imports that don't explicitly import using {}

  • Better identification of documentation strings

  • constant definitions

  • Identify

Doc Generation

The work on this has not started yet. The output will be browsable HTML with links between functions. An intermediary format may be used.

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