Voice Engine JS demo to access Hydra APIs
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Voice Engine JS demo to access Hydra APIs. A very simple approach to make dynamic requests to resources described by a Hydra API documentation.


The audio input is read via the respeakerd library. If no supported device is available it can be still tested with the command line tool. The speech to text processing is done via Google. Therefore a Google API key with access to the speech to text API is required. There is already a run-example.sh script which shows how to configure and run the application with the dark-horse-bridge-hue. Copy it to run.sh and fill in your key.

Command line tool

This package also contains a command line tool to process text directly from the shell. The text must be given as additional parameters like: node cli -e http://localhost:3000/group/ turn on the light in the office

Supported endpoints

The application should work with any API which has a Hydra API documentation. Because of the simple approach it may not work with many applications right now. It was tested successfully with the dark-horse-bridge-hue. Try it with the command turn on/off the ligh in the $ROOM_NAME.