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Fantasy Football Legacy League

I still can't believe this is a thing.

Table of Contents


This repository is used as an official record for player transactions, matchups, and other statistics. Over time, we can use this data to analyze how our fantasy teams perform in their fantasy league, treating this league as if it were real.

That last part is included not because we're hardcore role-players, but because including ALL relevant stats of ALL players is beyond the scope of this project. It's sufficient enough to be able to look in the archives and remind someone they had a terrible draft or that they left points on their bench; there's no need to analyze how good someone is at the waiver wire or how good players actually are IRL. That's what Google is for.

Project Setup

Environment Prereqs

You should have the following minimally setup:

Initial Setup

$ git clone
$ cd fflegacy

Outdated JavaScript setup:

$ yarn global add gulp
$ gulp

Ruby setup:

$ rbenv install
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle config build.eventmachine --with-cppflags=-I/usr/local/opt/openssl/include
$ bundle install

To use the Yahoo API, you need to create an application first:

After you've done that, run $ cp config.yml.example config.yml and fill in the rest with your application client ID and secret.

Data Overview

We had some trouble with the Yahoo API, so we're using YQL queries to gather the data as JSON and manually update it in the repo for scripts to use, including those that convert it to CSVs for non-programmers.

If you're updating the JSON, please remember to turn off the Diagnostics and Debug options. You can then click the "Select All" link to copy the JSON and then right click to copy it.

Before checking in your changes, you should also run some scripts against the JSON and CSV data to compare them to what's shown on Yahoo.


A scoring table that matches what's in the wiki, in CSV format for your convenience. The Action names match the column headers for the Stats table.


The scoreable stats for each player in a given week. When combined with the Scoring table, you can find out the points each player earned in that week.

Before you commit, make sure you scrub out the emails. There is a method that will do this for you.

YQL Query:

select * from fantasysports.teams.roster.stats where team_key='nfl.l.22551.t.1' and type=week and week=1


The matchups for the season. This includes Home and Away teams, which you may find surprising.


These are the list of players and the positions they are locked into each week by their owners. Combined with the Stats and Scoring tables, you can calculate how many points a team scored in a week.


A list of all player transactions that occur during the season, from Draft Day until the Super Bowl.

YQL Query:

select * from fantasysports.leagues.transactions where league_key='nfl.l.632148'

Data Format

Data is kept in a CSV format so it can be used by everyone, including those who think writing code is for nerds. CSVs are kept in the seasons directory and organized further by week if necessary. If there ends up being data that is not season-specific, we can find another directory for it.

Raw JSON data will be kept in the yql directory. Any scripts that are written will be kept in the scripts directory. If you'd like to contribute, make a pull request. There are no language restrictions.

Data Caveats

We made an effort to make this as human-readable as possible. Unfortunately, we might run into problems because some players have the same name. Rather than come up with some arbitrary ID system for players, we're just going to cross that bridge if/when we get there. A similar problem might occur with representing teams by their owners' initials.


The Wiki is used to document the rules for this league. We keep it there because it's not data and therefore not easily manipulated by code and/or your favorite spreadsheet program.

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