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yet another C++ port of three.js, based on r86+
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C++ port of Three.js, based on Three.js r86+ and a few of the Qt framework's OpenGL classes

Three::pp can be used directly as a C++ API that parallels Three.js's Javascript, or through the extensive QML (aka QtQuick) integration. The examples are mostly in QML

For the plain C++ API, a slight dependency on Qt remains (mostly convenience classes like QImage and OpenGLFunctions) which could be removed with limited effort.

Currently in beta state. A number of examples demonstrate the functionality. Buildable under Linux/gcc 8.2, Android (API 24, currently only arm64-v8a) and sometimes even under Windows.

Contributors welcome

Some Samples (more in the code base)

simple geometries with ambient light, spot light and shade:

example 1

Environment Maps

example 2

Model loading (3DS model through Assimp) and postprocessing (apply environment map)

example 2

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