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ivis: dimensionality reduction in very large datasets using Siamese Networks
dimensionality reduction
unsupervised learning
neural network
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Benjamin Szubert
name affiliation orcid
Ignat Drozdov
name index
Bering Limited
18 July 2019


ivis is a dimensionality reduction technique that implements a Siamese Neural Network architecture trained using a novel triplet loss function. Results on simulated and real datasets demonstrate that ivis preserves global data structures in a low-dimensional space and adds new data points to existing embeddings using a parametric mapping function.

ivis is easily integrated into standard machine learning pipelines through a scikit-learn compatible API and scales well to out-of-memory datasets. Both supervised and unsupervised dimensionality reduction modes are supported.

Further information on the algorithm and its application to single cell datasets can be found in [@ivis_scirep]. Implementation of the ivis algorithm is available on GitHub.


This work was supported by funding from the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme [FP7-2007-2013] under grant agreement n°HEALTH-F2-2013-602114 (Athero-B-Cell).


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