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HackRice 9 Project - Won challenge for the best API integration & MLH award for the best use of Google Cloud Platform.
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Google Actions Conversation for

This repository holds source files for Google Actions project for, built at HackRice 9 by Berk Alp Yakici, Christine Zhao, Daniel Rothfusz, and Brandon Stanley using Node.JS.


  1. Install Node.JS and NPM.
  2. Install Firebase CLI.
    • After installation, login to Firebase with your Google ID by typing firebase login in command line.


Clone the repository into your desktop:

git clone

Actions Console

  1. From the Actions on Google Console, New project (this will be your Project ID) > Create Project > under More options > Conversational
  2. From the top menu under Develop > Actions (left nav) > Add your first action > BUILD (this will bring you to the Dialogflow console) > Select language and time zone > CREATE.
  3. In the Dialogflow console, go to Settings ⚙ > Export and Import > Restore from zip using the in this sample's directory.

Firebase Deployment

  1. On your local machine, in the functions directory, run npm install
  2. Run firebase deploy --project {PROJECT_ID} to deploy the function
    • To find your Project ID: In Dialogflow console under Settings ⚙ > General tab > Project ID.

Dialogflow Console

  1. Return to the Dialogflow Console > select Fulfillment > Enable Webhook > Set URL to the Function URL that was returned after the deploy command > SAVE.
    Function URL (dialogflowFirebaseFulfillment): https://<REGION>-<PROJECT_ID>
  2. From the left navigation menu, click Integrations > Integration Settings under Google Assistant > Enable Auto-preview changes > Test to open the Actions on Google simulator then say or type Talk to my test app.


This assistant can take many commands, such as:

  • What's my organization ID?
  • What are my recurrent bills?
  • Make a bill.
  • Show me approved bills.
  • List unapproved bills.
  • Give me rejected bills.
  • What are all the bills?
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