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Kills half of your randomly selected kubernetes pods.
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kubethanos kills half of your pods randomly to engineer chaos in your preferred environment, gives you the opportunity to see how your system behaves under failures.


See the kubethanos.yaml file for an example run. Here are the list of valid parameters:

--namespaces=!kubesystem,foo-bar // A namespace or a set of namespaces to restrict thanoskube
--master // The address of the Kubernetes cluster to target, if none looks under $HOME/.kube
--kubeconfig // Path to a kubeconfig file
--healthcheck // Listens this endpoint for healtcheck
--interval // Interval between killing pods
--dry-run // If true, print out the pod names without actually killing them.
--percentage // percentage of pods to kill. Default is 0.5 
--debug // Enable debug logging.
  • Configure kubernetes readiness & liveliness probes to /healthz endpoint.

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  • Thanks to @linki chaoskube for giving me the idea and having written something with a broader scope.


  • You are responsible for your actions. If you break things in production while using this software I cannot help you to restore the damage caused.


Any contributions are welcome!


This project licensed under MIT.

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