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Spotify Song Availability Checker

This is the's repository. This service checks Spotify's song availabilities in different countries, using the Spotify Web API.


The site runs with the listed components, so at the base you would require these:

  • Python 2.7.3 with requests
  • PHP 5.6.35
  • a webserver (originally nginx is being used)
  • a scheduled command daemon (originally crontab is being used)
  • a mail account with SMTP access


  1. Clone the repository to your computer (the default location is /var/www/
  2. Enter the required data to and site/config.php. To obtain Spotify's tokens, you have to go through their authorization process, outlined here.
  3. Configure your webserver. For nginx, a standard PHP application config would be fine. The site's root directory should be site, take care to not expose your Spotify tokens or mail address information to public!
  4. Configure your scheduled command daemon to run with the desired interval.
  5. Done!

Data persistence

Python's pickle module is being used for data persistence. If you want to, you can totally change it with a database or even plain file too.


The project is open to pull requests. Except for installing requests, there is no environment preparation or something. Just fork, clone, modify!


You can do whatever you want under the GNU GPLv3. See the LICENSE file for more information.