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Internal code for building and testing Blue robots
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Blue Internal Software

This repository contains all of our internal software, which includes things like:

  • Manufacturing/calibration scripts
  • Demos (ie teleoperation)
  • Other proof-of-concepts (ie Gazebo)

How do I run the teleop demo?

  • Start the control stack, ie:
    # For a full robot (see README in blue_core)
    roslaunch blue_bringup full.launch
    # For a left arm
    roslaunch blue_bringup left.launch
    # For a right arm
    roslaunch blue_bringup right.launch
    # For the simulator (extremely experimental)
    roslaunch blue_gazebo blue_world.launch
  • Start the teleop nodes:
    # For a full robot
    roslaunch blue_teleop teleop_full.launch
    # For a left arm
    roslaunch blue_teleop teleop_left.launch
    # For a right arm
    roslaunch blue_teleop teleop_right.launch
    This should start copies of the inverse kinematics node, rviz teleop node, and Vive teleop node.
  • (rviz teleop) Draggable interactive markers should now appear on the /left_arm/cartesian_pose_teleop and /right_arm/cartesian_pose_teleop namespaces in rviz. Moving these will publish 6DOF pose targets that our IK node will attempt to reach.
  • (Vive teleop) Nothing more needs to be done on the ROS side to run the VR demo; it's already waiting for connections from the Unity code via rosbridge. To run the Unity side:
    1. Open Unity on the VR computer
    2. Open the "mind_meld" project
    3. Hit the "Play" button at the top of the window
      • Make sure the controllers/headset are on and connected!
    4. This can be a little finicky -- double-click the "Play" button in Unity to restart everything if there are issues
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