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Drupal iDEAL payment API Mission


Drupal iDEAL-payment API is the backend-module for all the iDEAL payments in Drupal. It comes with its own GPLed connection library, no need for the various and different code provided by the various iDEAL-providers.
It focuses on all the requirements set by various providers and on security for you and your clients. Its logging is extensive, so problems can be detected by you, or aditional monitoring software.
It has fault-detection built in, and will attempt to fix errors whenever allowed or possible, by rechecking payments on cron-runs.

Implementors will be module developers, not end-users, since this module has no direct uses or interfaces other then for testing and development.


By default, only one simple form is provided for use in other payment workflows (such as übercart or e-commerce). Other modules will need to extend this form into these workflows. iDEAL-payment API does not provide any extensions for ecommerce tools, so to enable iDEAL on such tools (for example übercart) you will need additional modules (such as, for example an übercart-ideal-api module).


@TODO It comes with simple documentation to implement and cofigure iDEAL aimed at Drupal developers as well as site-owners and -adminstrators. This wiki-based documentation can be used with the modules or implementations developed on top of the API.