Presentation, references and demonstration code for Drupalcon Copenhagen 2010
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Presentation, references and demonstration code for Drupalcon Copenhagen 2010 "Connecting Drupal" session

« Ever came across a Drupal-project, where data was not simply inserted into Drupal forms and printed as HTML-pages? Where you wanted to:

  • Pull data into Drupal, that lives on a remote service? Such as data in, say, Facebook, or on a RESTfull NoSQL database.
  • Use statuses, information or authentication over the web? Such as XMPP statuses, XMLRPC information, OAuth.
  • Push data into remote services? For example when you use Drupal to manage the data in a remote service.
  • Use Drupal to offer your own services and API's? Such as content in your Drupal database made available for use in other sites. »

Contents of this repository

  • connecting_drupal/ Contains the markdown for "showoff". aka "the Presentation itself"
  • drupal/ A demo Drupal install. Probably waaay out of date by the time you read this
  • drupal/sites/all/modules/etsy/ The demo etsy module. Beware. Demo, Hence not production code.
  • listings/ Panic button containing quick references for "Live demostrations". You know, when live demo's go wrong. Being: always.


Bèr "berkes" Kessels, ber curlything webschuur dot com



Many. Probably. But maybe not.


GPL v 2, unless resources dicate otherwise and noted at the specific place: