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A Basetheme for Drupal using YUI as a grids system

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  Genesis README.txt
  Genesis is a kick-ass starter theme Drupal 6. Genesis allows you to quickly 
  build any theme using its preconfigured directory structure, template files 
  and modular stylesheets.

  Online Genesis documentation:
  There are additional README files in most directories, they contain helpful
  instructions, tips and comments. Look out for them in each directory.

  This is a basic guide for getting started with your own subtheme.

  Online docs:
  1. First copy/paste one of the subthemes:

     - genesis_SUBTHEME - the standard subtheme
     - genesis_DARK - support for dark style themes
     - genesis_ULTRALITE - a subtheme with much less HTML

     Save your new sub-theme in the sites/all/themes directory.

  2. Rename the new subtheme with your theme name. For example if you 
     want to name your theme "foo" name the folder "genesis_foo".

  3. Rename file. For example "".

  4. Inside the file change:
      - the theme name
      - the description
     If you want to use the Gpanels uncomment the additional regions 
     for Gpanels in -
     Internet Explorer CSS: 
     If you want to use an IE stylesheet follow the instructions in the info 
     file for downloading the Conditional Styles module and setting up 
     the stylesheets.
     Equal hight columns: 
     Uncomment the jQuery script in
     WAI ARIA Roles: 
     By default these are enabled. If for some reason you do not want them
     simply comment out the jQuery script in (the core info file, 
     not your subthemes).

  Online docs:
  First open these two files:
    /genesis_foo/templates/page/page.tpl.php (your subthemes page.tpl.php file)
  In layout.css you will find the preconfigured layout methods to choose from.
  There are 3 main layouts, please see the documentation in layout.css
  To change the layout select the ID selector that matches your preferred layout 
  and change the <body id="...."> in page.tpl.php
  By default this is <body id="genesis_1a">.

  Online docs:
  If you want to change the sidebar widths or otherwise modify the layout, 
  simply copy the relevant layout CSS to your page.css file in your subtheme and 
  modify it there.
  TIP: Do look at genesis/genesis/css/layout-overrides for 3 example layout 
  overrides and full instructions.

  GPANELS: What are Gpanels? 
  Gpanels are drop in snippets that emulate the layout of normal mini-panels. 
  See the docs for instructions and screenshots.
  You can also see the README file in genesis/genesis/gpanels for full instructions.

  If you need to use a preprocess funtion open the template.php file in your new 
  subtheme (one is included by default) and rename the function using your theme 
  name e.g. mytheme_preprocess_page. This follows the standard Drupal convention 
  of themeName_preprocess_hook.



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