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Make sure you have a jre and postgres dev libraries installed, you'll also
need libxml2 (and maybe other libraries) needed to satisfy gem requirements.
1) Install rvm
2) Install ruby 2.1.0p0 via rvm
3) Check out h2o. cd into the directory and create a gemset and rvmrc to set up the
correct environment
git clone h2o
cd h2o
rvm use ruby2.1.0p0
rvm gemset create h2o_gemset
rvm use ruby2.1.0p0@h2o_gemset --rvmrc
cd ../ && cd h2o/
# Accept the rvmrc prompt, you should now be in the correct version of ruby and
# and empty gemset
4) Run bundle install
5) Create the database (postgres only for now). Set up config/database.yml to connect to it.
6) Install the rest of the gems, run migrations:
rake db:migrate
7) Configure solr in config/sunspot.yml. Start via:
rake sunspot:solr:start
8) Set up passenger standalone:
gem install passenger
passenger start -p 3000
and you should now be able to connect on http://localhost:3000/