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A Chef Cookbook manager
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Manage a Cookbook or an Application's Cookbook dependencies


Add Berkshelf to your repository's Gemfile:

gem 'berkshelf'

Or run it as a standalone:

gem install berkshelf


See for up-to-date usage instructions.

Bash Completion

There is a berkshelf bash completion script. If you're using homebrew, you can install it like this:

brew install bash-completion # if you haven't already

Download the latest script

cd `brew --prefix`/etc/bash_completion && wget

And make sure you have this in your bash/zsh profile:

[ -f `brew --prefix`/etc/bash_completion ] && source `brew --prefix`/etc/bash_completion


Please see Plugins page for more information.


Berkshelf will search in specific locations for a configuration file. In order:


You are encouraged to keep project-specific configuration in the $PWD/.berkshelf directory. You can generate a project-configuration file by running:

$ berks configure --path ./.berkshelf/config.json

SSL Errors

If you have trouble getting Berkshelf to successfully talk to an SSL Chef server, you can try making sure you have a certificate bundle available to your shell. export SSL_CERT_FILE=...path/to/cert/file...

If you need to disable SSL, you can in ~/.berkshelf/config.json like so:

  "ssl": {
    "verify": false


Thank you to all of our Contributors, testers, and users.

If you'd like to contribute, please see our contribution guidelines first.

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