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berliCRM is a proven and universally applicable open source CRM system for small and medium-sized companies. With berliCRM, your marketing, sales and support teams can build and successfully nurture customer relationships.


Here you can find a demo. Login with: Guest / Guest No administration privileges are provided in this demo.


Hardware requirements: At the minimum you should provide 24GB HDD and 2GiB RAM with a 4 core CPU. However, the actual demand depends on your data volume. For better performance it is recommended to provide 100GB HDD and 4GiB RAM with a 8 core CPU.

Software requirements and installation instructions:

Provided that your server meets all setup requirements an installation is quick and easily done by a browsers GUI.


User's and administration manuals:


If you discover any security related issues, please contact the berliCRM team.

Credits and all worldwide contributors


vtiger Public License. Please see License File for more information.

Get involved

Development on berliCRM is done at Please look up this site for further information