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# Callback plugin with prediff_cmd support
# Extends Ansible default callback plugin
# Usage (playbook):
# - hosts: localhost
# gather_facts: no
# tasks:
# - copy:
# src: cert.pem
# dest: /tmp/cert.pem
# vars:
# prediff_cmd: openssl x509 -in %s -noout -text | head -n 10
# Here %s is replaced by temporary file path with content of `before`/`after`.
# Usage (execution):
# ANSIBLE_STDOUT_CALLBACK=prediff ansible-playbook -vv --check --diff test.yml
# Written by Konstantin Suvorov <>
# Visit for more Ansible tricks
from ansible.plugins.callback.default import CallbackModule as DefaultCallback
from subprocess import check_output, CalledProcessError, STDOUT
from tempfile import mkstemp
import os
from __main__ import display
except ImportError:
display = None
class CallbackModule(DefaultCallback):
def v2_on_file_diff(self, result):
def process_diff(diff, cmd):
for d in diff:
for ab in ('after','before'):
fd, fn = mkstemp()
with open(fn, 'w') as f:
new_cmd = cmd.replace('%s',fn)
res = check_output(new_cmd, stderr=STDOUT, shell=True)
except CalledProcessError as e:
display.warning('Error occured while calling prediff_cmd "{}": (Code {}) {}'.format(cmd, e.returncode, e.output))
res = None
if res:
d[ab] = res
return diff
if 'prediff_cmd' in result._task_fields['vars']:
prediff_cmd = result._task_fields['vars']['prediff_cmd']
if result._task.loop and 'results' in result._result:
for res in result._result['results']:
if 'diff' in res and res['diff'] and res.get('changed', False):
res['diff'] = process_diff(res['diff'], prediff_cmd)
elif 'diff' in result._result and result._result['diff'] and result._result.get('changed', False):
result._result['diff'] = process_diff(result._result['diff'], prediff_cmd)
return super(CallbackModule, self).v2_on_file_diff(result)
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