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# SSH connection plugin with port knocking support
# Extends Ansible default ssh connection plugin
# Parameters:
# knock_ports - list of ports to knock
# knock_delay - delay between each knock in seconds (default 0.5 sec)
# Example host definition:
# [pkn]
# myserver
# [pkn:vars]
# ansible_connection=ssh_pkn
# knock_ports=[8000,9000]
# knock_delay=2
# Written by Konstantin Suvorov <>
# Visit for more Ansible tricks
from ansible.plugins.connection.ssh import Connection as ConnectionSSH
from ansible.errors import AnsibleError
from socket import create_connection
from time import sleep
from __main__ import display
except ImportError:
from ansible.utils.display import Display
display = Display()
class Connection(ConnectionSSH):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(Connection, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
display.vvv("SSH_PKN (Port KNock) connection plugin is used for this host",
def set_host_overrides(self, host, hostvars=None):
if 'knock_ports' in hostvars:
ports = hostvars['knock_ports']
if not isinstance(ports, list):
raise AnsibleError("knock_ports parameter for host '{}' must be list!".format(host))
delay = 0.5
if 'knock_delay' in hostvars:
delay = hostvars['knock_delay']
for p in ports:
display.vvv("Knocking to port: {0}".format(p),
create_connection((, p), 0.5)
display.vvv("Waiting for {0} seconds after knock".format(delay),
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