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Light Reports Editor in Clojure (LTEC) is a tool for creating PDF Reports
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There aren't many open, easy to use tools for generating PDF, Image, or SVG report documents that use a black box approach. Light Reports combines a set of simple tools for converting XML or HTML documents into PDF documents.

* Simple light-weight text editor.
* Standalone GUI
* Cross-platform, tested on Windows, Linux and OSX.
* Generate reports in batch mode
* Read input template files, generate to document format 

The htmltopdf parser, xhtmlrenderer has support for most of the features of CSS 2.1 including table pagination, positioned headers and footers, page number, page sizing.

* Simple light-weight text editor.
* Cross-platform, tested on Windows, Linux and OSX.
* Simple File Manager for accessing important files quickly.
* Search tools using Linux or Win32 applications (unxutils).
* Create PDF Documents with PDF create tools.
* Built on Java 1.5 and the Clojure programming language. 

This tool also is useful for editing and viewing log4j log files.

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