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Version License: MIT Travis CI

Provable signatures of real life events (javascript / solidity)

This repository contains an javascript helper function for use with the signing authority. Additionally an example Ethereum contract written in Solidity is included to show the usage on the blockchain.

Related packages

Following packages belong to DigiOptions' ecosystem.

Package Version Description
digioptions/digioptions-app-dist Version Distributed app / web GUI for DigiOptions (html / javascript)
digioptions/digioptions-viewer-dist Version Embeddable web widget to view DigiOptions markets and order book (html / javascript)
digioptions/digioptions-assets Version Assets for building DigiOptions' apps (logos, icons, images)
berlincode/digioptions-contracts.js Version Freedex peer to peer protocol for decentralized markets on DigiOptions (javascript / solidity)
berlincode/digioptions-contracts-web-examples Version Browser based interface for creating and settling DigiOptions markets (html / javascript)
berlincode/digioptions-trader.js Version Customizable automatic trading system for DigiOptions (javascript)
berlincode/digioptions-tools.js Version Common base fuctions for building applications for DigiOptions' ecosystem (javascript)
berlincode/factsigner Version Provable signatures of real life events (javascript / solidity)
berlincode/factsigner-go Version Provable signatures of real life events (go)

Public repository

Copyright and license

Copyright ( Code is licensed under the MIT license.