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  1. converjon converjon Public archive

    An advanced image conversion server and command line tool.

    JavaScript 53 8

  2. haeufige-vornamen-berlin haeufige-vornamen-berlin Public

    Open Data on given names for newborn children in Berlin since 2012

    Makefile 32 11

  3. open-data-handbuch open-data-handbuch Public

    "Living" version of the Berlin Open Data Handbook (German)

    CSS 20 1

  4. Dat0r Dat0r Public archive

    Prototypal approach to defining and generating data objects.

    PHP 8 1

  5. pulq pulq Public

    PHP 7 1

  6. ckanext-berlin ckanext-berlin Public

    CKAN extension for the portal

    HTML 3


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