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Reaction is a modern reactive, real-time event driven ecommerce platform.

Reaction is built with JavaScript (ES6), Meteor, Node.js and works nicely with Docker.


A Reaction installation provides analytics, shipping, payments, taxes, discounts, emails and social network login out of the box. Configuration just requires you to provide service credentials.


reaction-cli installation

npm install -g reaction-cli
reaction init
cd reaction

Additional prerequisites, setup options and detailed installation documentation can be found in the installation and configuration documentation. Topics covered are Windows installation, setting up the default credentials, installation without reaction-cli, and pre-configuring packages.


Reaction is expected to have a stable codebase ready for some production configurations within the next couple of major releases. Be aware though, that we're updating frequently. Even existing structures that are functionally done are getting frequent updates to ensure we're current with the most current libraries available to us.

Currently good for contributing, observing progress, and testing. We'd encourage due diligence in production usage, be very comfortable with the code, and risk tolerant. There are still many parts in development!


If you are interested in participating in the development of Reaction, that's really great!

Our community guidelines can be found in our documentation. This is a good place to start getting more familar with Reaction.

The Reaction Gitter channel and forum are good places to engage with core contributors and the community.


For a high level review our roadmap, take a look at the Reaction vision page.

For a kanban-esque, hardcore, real time progress overview of all Reaction Commerce projects use our waffle board.

Grouped by functional area, reactioncommerce/reaction projects deliver a progress view of the Reaction sub-projects.

For grouping of issues with an estimated release schedule, review the release milestones.


If you are planning on contributing to Reaction, that's great. We welcome contributions to Reaction.

Explore the GitHub issues already opened. If you find something you want to work on, let us know right there in the comments. If you are interested in a specific aspect of the project but aren’t sure where to begin, feel free to ask. Start small and open up a dialogue with us. This will help to get your contributions accepted easily.

If the contribution you wish to make isn't documented in an existing issue, please create an issue, before you submit a Pull Request. This will allow the Reaction Maintainers and Collaborators a chance to give additional feedback as well.

Pull Requests should


Installation, configuration and development documentation is available on

The Reaction documentation source is located in the reaction-docs repository, while the documentation site is the reactioncommerce/redoc application.


Testing is an important way of participating as well. If you do discover an issue, please create an issue here to report an issue.

Integration tests can be run at the command line with reaction test. Use npm run-script test-local to run local tests.


We require that all releases are deployable as Docker containers. While we do not actively test or support other methods of deployment, the community has documented deployment strategies for Heroku, AWS, Digital Ocean and Galaxy.


Docker images are pushed when Reaction sucessfully builds and passes all tests on the master or development branches. These images are released on Reaction Commerce Docker Hub. There are two images available: reactioncommerce:prequel - the latest development image and reactioncommerce:reaction, the master image.