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Bermuda's DOTA 2 CFG

By The Community

What is it?

It is Dota 2 Configuration file to expand option pool for further customization to meet user's taste. The Features include:

  • Quick Courier
  • Basic and Quick Rune Cameras
  • Toggle HP marks
  • Performance Improvements (Testing for Reborn)
  • Spectator Camera Mode
  • Easy to customize
  • And MORE.

Place/Replace the files here: Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota\cfg

Visit the original Wordpress post for details. (Before Reborn Beta, it used to be created and updated by Bermuda however now it is open to community to contribute.)


Before submitting any changes

  • Make sure it is useful and optimized for the general public. (Ex. fps cap to replace vsync > most people has 60Hz monitor therefore 60.)
  • Comment your functions and intentions clearly.
  • You may use 1(one) line of comment for credits in cfg file.
  • Do not copy/paste from other CFG, post them on discussions. Bermuda will respond to updates daily, any major changes in the CFG will lead to updating the blog post.

Personal Note

It has come to the state where I cannot respond to Dota 2 updates and cfg changes as quickly as I used to be able to. Due to this, I decided to make the CFG open source and allow anyone to contribute to the CFG. I will monitor the requests daily and respond as soon as possible. (I will still work on the cfg.) Thank you for your support. See you in game. :)

Release Log

Final log 02/08/2015

10/02/2014 : v1.00

  • Initial version

14/04/2014 : v1.10 Change log :

  • APM is now a separate command.
  • dota_embers disabled on default. Moved to client side settings.
  • Camera settings disabled on default. Remove the most front // in the line to apply settings
  • Command for taunt line is now more appropriate
  • New taunt line
  • Roshan timer will now only show the time of Roshan death in chat instead of buggy weird lines.

22/05/2014 : v1.20 Change log :

  • Added spectator mode! Custom camera speed and higher camera distance upon toggle.
  • In-game mic volume setup added. (voice_mixer_volume)
  • Rearranged bindings section. Bindings are grouped accordingly.
  • Rearranged greeting message.
  • The cfg is now more notepad friendly.
  • Link to this post use WordPress short link now.

08/06/2014 : v1.21 Change log :

  • Added manual disconnect. Default key is keypad minus (-)
  • Fixed memory issues that caused the game to crash.
  • Re-optimized network setting.

22/06/2014 : v1.30 Change log :

  • Fixed basic rune camera according to the latest patch. Thank you Thiago for the report!
  • Added quick rune cameras. Custom binding Space. 3 types available, use whichever comfortable.
  • Lone Druid Bear return binding moved to k on default.
  • Added custom chat channel script. Please edit to join your channels automatically.
  • Removed Spectator higher camera - Valve added this officially now :) Simply use mouse scroll to zoom out!
  • r_renderoverlayfragment enabled on default due to error reports. Disable it manually for possible performance improvement.
  • Changed some explanations and annotations in the cfg.

24/06/2014 : v1.31 Change log :

  • Quick Rune Camera should work according to the gif now :)
  • Fixed the rune camera according to the new patch. (Valve changed the command for camera position in the latest patch.)
  • Fixed some typos in the annotations.
  • Changed some descriptions and annotations to squeeze more sense out of them.
  • “contimes 3″ is now together with “developer” command. That makes much more sense now.
  • Slightly regrouped and rearranged bindings section.

09/07/2014 : v1.32 Change log :

  • Roshan Timer does not work anymore (Thank you Karosuu for the report!). Valve decided to disable the feature in multiplayer games. Nothing we can do.. :/
  • Roshan Timer command is now Roshan Death. Only displays the time of its death on team chat.
  • Quick courier script optimized. Still does the same thing.
  • Lone Druid bear script changed a bit. It will now select the bear and the hero when you use “bear_return” or “bear_phase_boots”. Does not move the camera.
  • Changed some annotations in the CFG. Deleted off unnecessary.

26/08/2014 : v1.33 Change log :

  • APM is now default bound to F6. Enhanced APM command - Press F6 to view APM, press F6 to go back to game! Initially, it was a simpler inefficient command pointed out by spamowysmietnik666. However, unlike his solution, I decided to add stuff rather than keeping it simple. Thank you for the report spamowysmietnik666!
  • Troll command added. Tells a short story of potato engineer in Wadiya to everyone in game..
  • Manual disconnect now logs console message.
  • Kill camera disable/enable function deleted - ie. dota_killcam_show deleted from the config. The command no longer exists. Yet to find a replacement.
  • Just in case someone tried to revive kill cam command but failed like I did, dota_sf_hud_force_killcam 0 added - keep this 0. Will still show kill cams when your hero dies.

07/09/2014 : v1.40 Change log :

  • Re-worked System/Performance settings. Things have changed and adopted to the latest big patch.
  • New on/off commands to improve your fps : r_deferred_simple_light, r_deferred_simple_projections
  • You have beast PC? Use r_lod. Enables high quality textures.
  • snd_mix_async moved to multi-core settings.
  • Gameplay related section re-arranged.
  • Easter Eggerino.
  • Added toggle console command : default bound to F11.
  • Added a command to list out current settings in the console. Press the key, opens console, outputs current settings! Default bound to Page Down.
  • Binding section rearranged. Comments changed a bit.

27/09/2014 : v1.41 Change log :

  • r_deferred_simple_projections 0 actually disables AOE skill circles. Default is now 1. Excuse my mistake and ignorance. Thank you Iѕмαιℓy for the report!
  • Changed some comments and explanations about the commands.
  • Added 1.50 announcement in the title.

24/11/2014 : v1.50 Change log :

  • CFG layout is now optimized for Notepad++. You can use this custom language to make your editing easier.
  • Added ping function. Press END to automatically open console, output everyone’s ping. Press ESC to go back.
  • Added dsp_slow_cpu and snd_pitchquality. Both are set to default values, more optmized value written in cfg.
  • Added mat_reduceparticles and mat_reducefillrate.
  • Correctly shows welcoming message at the start of the game.
  • Reloading script now does not toggle console.
  • contimes now default to 5.
  • fps_max moved to the top of the cfg to encourage editing it.
  • Minor description changes.

10/02/2015 : v1.51 Change log :

  • cl_singleplayernetworkbackdoor option added under Client Side Settings. Recommend keeping it 0.
  • dota_hud_reduced_flash added under System/Performance. Default at 0, make it 1 to squeeze more performance.
  • Added cl_detaildist and cl_detailfade. Increase/decrease it within the recommended range for visual/performance.
  • Added HP mark toggles. Marks toggle 350>450>250(default). Useful for Axe ultimate. Credits to お ƘƝȊƓȞƮ を
  • Updated descriptions for System/Performance. Thanks for the reminder(quite long ago lol), Aphotic.

02/08/2015 : vCommunity Change log :

  • Removed/Commented out obselete commands.
  • Tweaks reset to defaults.
  • The CFG is now on github. Bermuda will respond to updates daily, any major changes in the cfg will lead to updating the blog post.
  • This is the last entry of this change log. Please check github changelogs for details.