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ofxhGui is a graphical user interface used as an openFrameworks add-on.

Current version: 1.05

Works with OF 0.8 to 0.9
The branch « OF0.6.2_to_0.7.4 » can be used with older versions of OF.

ofxhGui has following widgets :

- panels (can be nested)

- tabs to show different panels (also available in nested panels)

- labels, buttons, checkboxes, radio-buttons, sliders, 2D sliders, number boxes

- listboxes(scrollable), button boxes, editable text (single or multi-lines/scrollable)

- modeless dialogs

More widgets will be add in future versions.

- changing the text insertion point and scrolling works on hTextArea (multi-line text) but not on hTextBox (single line text).

- the arrow keys don't work actually on hTextArea and hTextBox.
This will be addressed in future versions

There is a default set of colors that can be modified. Fonts can also be changed.

The addon ofxhGui depends on:

- ofxhUtils (please take the last version)

- ofxXmlSettings (already in the addons folder of openFrameworks)

It is also necessary to have a folder called 'fonts' in the data folder
where the gui can search the needed fonts.

The example files can be used as a tutorial for ofxhGui