Simple aNd Open Webcam MANagement.
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#snowman Simple aNd Open Webcam MANagement.

#Introduction snowman is fundamentally different from other IP camera programs. snowman is modular to meet high quality requirements. The heart is the server software that connects all components. Snowman was developed to provide a complete control of a locally or globally available camera software. Unlike other solutions snowman requires no IP cameras. Snowman brings a camera software. It is possible to create a CCTV application from a simple USB camera. By open source nature it is possibe to develop extensions for special needs. snowman is independent of manufacturer, scaleable and completely open source.


  • Text-based configuration files.
  • No database is required.
  • Easy to use and customize.
  • chmod is used to prevent unauthorized access from outside. Cameras images / videos are only visible through the snowman-php-server. Local access to images, videos and log files is possible.
  • User and group system integrated to assign and manage access rights.
  • Manual archiving function, via cron jobs executed.
  • Archiving can optionally be initiated only from secure hosts (secure hosts).
  • Archiving can optionally be carried out only by authorized users manually.
  • Older archives will be automatically deleted.


See the Installation guide to build your own snowman.