bootstrap-sass is bootstrap for Rails, ready to roll
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compass port of bootstrap. No need for generators or anything, just set
the variables you want to override before importing bootstrap with
'@import bootstrap'.
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Bootstrap for Rails

bootstrap-sass is an SASS-powered version of Twitter's Bootstrap, ready to drop right into your asset-pipeline powered Rails applications.



In your gemfile:

gem 'bootstrap-sass', '1.4.0'


In your SCSS file of choice:

@import "bootstrap"; /* Use this to get all of Bootstrap's @mixins and $variables */


In your Javascript manifest:

// Loads all Bootstrap javascripts
//= require bootstrap

// Alternatively, you can load individual modules
//= require bootstrap-scrollspy
//= require bootstrap-modal
//= require bootstrap-dropdown



We try to stick to Bootstrap versioning wherever possible. The major and minor version numbers will always represent the Twitter Bootstrap version, but no guarantees are made for the tiny version number, since waiting for Bootstrap to update so I can push out a fix sucks.


Master will usually represent the latest release of bootstrap-sass. Other branches contain experimental code, or are a relatively close mirror of other Bootstrap branches.