Developer lab for Microsoft Bot Framework, including Cognitive Services integration. Developed for presentation at Azure Global Boot Camp 2017.
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Developer Lab 1


This lab will be divided into roughly three sections; we'll look at two Cognitive Services

  • Development environment setup
  • LUIS integration
  • QnA Maker overview

Time permitting, we'll aim to tick-off all of the following
We'll use Node.js in VS Code as opposed to C# in Visual Studio, because it's quick and easy

Set-up VS Code

Breif overview of the Bot Framework, including sample libraries on GitHub
Overview of the Bot Framework emulator
Download the Lab codebase from GitHub
Set up the correct/preferred command prompt for VS Code (hint: the one with node)
Open the terminal window in VS Code using ctrl+`
Use npm to load libraries

  • Run >npm install -save

Set up code for debugging

  • Start the debugger run >node --debug app.js
  • Hit "play" and select "add configuration"
  • Use "attach to port"


Log in to LUIS, set up an account
Log in to Azure and make your own Cognitive Services key (optional)
Upload an existing application (company assistant) and link it to a key
Train and test existing application/model
Explain the probability/threshold
Overview of NLP - intents/entities/utterances/features

LUIS with a Bot

Get LUIS URL and put it in our Bot
Discuss the "Waterfall" and "Dialog" patterns
Set Bot up so that it detects intent and falls through to a default if no suitable option is found
Add "Help" to the existing LUIS model, retrain and rerun, show how the system matches the intent now
Add a waterfall element to the Book Leave dialog, so that there's a discussion
Modify bot to used an IntentDialog and add a configurable threshold

QnA Maker

Log in to QnA Maker, set up an account
Note - QnA Maker is early preview, so no need to associate key
Point QnA Maker at a suitable FAQ site
Test a specific QnA Maker scenario
Add a question to the QnA Maker model
Retest for a specific scenario
Add QnAMaker library to package.json and re-run >npm install -save
Modify Bot to fall through to QnA Maker search


GitHub - Microsoft/BotBuilder-CognitiveServices (QnA Maker) -
NodeJS overview of BotBuilder for CognitiveServices -
IntentDialog overview -
Bot Framework documentation -
QnA Maker -
Microsoft Bot Framework -
Bot Builder samples on GitHub -
Bot Builder core concepts -
Change terminal settings in VS Code -
QnAMaker and LUIS in same Bot -